Shay K. Workout Classes

About Shay Kostabi

  • Passionate Fitness Fashion Lover, Soul-Shaker, Rule-Breaker & Movement-Maker
  • International Master Trainer, Mentor & Women's Fitness Expert
  • ACE Certified Movement Specialist.
  • Founder of The Local Skill + Creator of PowerLines
  • Inspiring Strength + Grace through Movement + Music
  • Famous For ShayK It Up Workouts

Workout With Me


Shay's Classes

BodyselfieTV | Sarah Kusch's 25 Minute Total Body Workout Routine
25 Minute Total Body
25 min
BodyselfieTV ab workouts at home | Shay Kostabi's 15 Minute Core Focus
15 Minute Core Focus
15 min
BodyselfieTV | Shay Kostabi’s Cardio Flow - Combining the power of movement and music
Cardio Flow
15 min
BodyselfieTV workouts under 10 minutes | Shay Kostabi's 5-minute thigh burner workout
5 Minute Thigh Burner
5 min
BodyselfieTV workouts under 10 minutes| Shay Kostabi's 10 Minute Arm Sculpt
10 Minute Arm Sculpt
10 min

Shay's Playlist

BodyselfieTV | Shay Kostabi’s Cardio Flow - Combining the power of movement and music
Video Play Arrow Image
Shayk It Up
3 videos
40 min

Fun Facts


Favorite guilty pleasure meal.
Veggie Pizza! 

Favorite social media sites?
@babaramdas @daniellelaporte @shopesqueleto @explorersaurus_ and are at the top of my daily feed. My favorite accounts to follow are self-development thought leaders, marketing and branding mavens, custom jewelry designers and travel accounts. 

Name some of your go-to favorite workout brands.
Nune Mone, Emily Hsu Designs and Alo Yoga. 

What made you fall in love with exercise?
For me, the most transformative aspect of exercise goes beyond the physical results, which are great, but the mental strength, fortitude, confidence and self-efficacy a regular physical practice can inspire. That is what keeps me coming back again and again. Plus I just love the magic of music and movement!

What's in your smoothie?
Vegan Vanilla Previnex, Frozen Mango, Bananas, Coconut Milk, Noni Powder, Ginger and Tumeric. 

What is your ideal Saturday/Sunday?
On Saturdays I like to sleep in, take the family for hike, catch up my reading and chores around the house. Sundays, I usually teach in the morning, go to brunch with friends and then check out the local shops and community events. I love supporting local businesses and I make it a point to support the makers and dreamers of whatever city I happen to be living in. Lately I’ve been loving Sunday evening Yin Yoga followed by a sound bath. 

Favorite TV shows?
Battlestar Galactica, Game of Thrones and How to Get Away with Murder. Gosh they're all a little dark, huh?! My whole life revolves around positive motivation and uplifting and inspiring others. I think, maybe, tapping into the darker side of things can help cultivate more light.