Online Boutique Fitness with BodyselfieTV

BodyselfieTV is your own custom blend of fitness methods including Mat Pilates, Ballet Barre and Bodyweight exercises.
All you need is your own bodyweight and a yoga mat!
BodyselfieTV is Boutique Fitness On Demand while providing a unique platform for a great workout experience.


Bringing Fun To Fitness!

Just $22 / Month!

Put yourself at the top of your to-do list! For less than one boutique fitness class
Bodyselfie online workout programs empower you to achieve your fitgoals and
become the best version of yourself....inside and out!

Gain access to exclusive streaming online fitness videos with our world class
online fitness instructors. A Virtual Fitness Experience integrating On Demand fitness classes,
fitfash and streaming music to create a fun and exciting workout experience.

A Blend of Fitness Methods

Serious Sculpt
Serious Sculpt
Serious Sculpt
Barre Scene
Barre Scene
Barre Scene
Ballet Barre Pilates
ballet barre pilates
ballet barre pilates
Bodyweight is King
Bodyweight is King
Bodyweight is King
MAT Pilates
MAT Pilates
MAT Pilates
Stretch & Recovery
Stretch & Recovery
Stretch & Recovery

Empowering and Inspiring Instructors

Shay K.
  • Passionate Fitness Fashion Lover, Soul-Shaker, Rule-Breaker & Movement-Maker
  • International Master Trainer & Mentor With Foundations in Barre, Pilates & Body-Sculpting
  • Travels The World Teaching Workshops In LA, NYC, Beijing, Dubai, Taiwan & Bali
Stephanie N.
  • Polynesian Dance & Fire Arts (and fire eating) Specialist
  • Super Popular & Talented Fitness Expert and Female Empowerer
Courtni G.
  • Fitness Fashion Enthusiast & Devotee
  • Professional Dancer and Barre Instructor & Master 
  • Health & Nutrition Expert and Connoisseur
Jeni D.
  • Certified National Pilates Expert & Barre Instructor
  • Fitness Fashion Model & Mat Pilates Passionista
Sarah K.
  • Extremely Popular In-Demand Mind & Body Connection and Wellness Lifestyle Coach
  • Clean Eating Advocate & Devoted Mom 
  • Form Perfectionist & Alignment Purist
Lauren K.
  • Creator of Dance & Ballet Inspired Fitness Classes
  • Busy Business Owner & Mom of Two Babies 
  • Famous for Sculpt Fit, Planks & Serious Sculpting Secrets

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