Jeni D. Workout Classes

About Jeni DelPozo

  • Certified National Pilates and Barre Instructor
  • Low-impact Full-Body Sculpting and Toning with Great Results
  • Women's Fitness Expert & Mentor
  • Carbon38 Ambassador and Fitness Fashion Model
  • Classical Pilates Expert and MAT Pilates Passionista
  • Credits Pilates with Falling in Love with Exercise
  • Relinquished 9-to-5 Life to Devote Herself to Bettering Women's Lives Through Fitness Practice & Awareness
  • Great for Increasing Flexibility & Mobility with Pilates Workouts

Workout With Me


Jeni's Classes

BodyselfieTV barre at home | Courtni Gidish's Pilates & Barre Combo Workout
Pilates & Barre Combo
16 min
BodyselfieTV pilates at home | Jeni DelPozo’s Pilates booty blast
Pilates Booty Blast
7 min
BodyselfieTV mat pilates 101 | Jeni DelPozo
Pilates 101
27 min
BodyselfieTV pilates at home | Jeni DelPozo Pilates Long and Lean Workout
Pilates Long and Lean
12 min
BodyselfieTV pilates at home | Jeni DelPozo's Core & Lower Body workout
Core & Lower Body
15 min
BodyselfieTV fitness on demand | JeniDelPozo's Core & Cardio Burst
Core & Cardio Burst
10 min
BodyselfieTV home barre workouts | Courtni Gidish's Barre Upper Body Workout
Barre Upper Body
12 min
Courtni Gidish | lower body barre workout
Barre Lower Body
15 min

Jeni's Playlist

BodyselfieTV pilates at home | Jeni DelPozo Pilates Long and Lean Workout
Video Play Arrow Image
Pilates Magic
3 videos
35 min

Fun Facts


Favorite workout words?
It doesn't get easier, you just get stronger 

Describe a Saturday and Sunday. What would be ideal?
My ideal weekend... teach class, go to a day game at Dodger Stadium, watch the Dodgers win, get home in time for the sunset, go for a walk/run near the ocean, meet up with friends for a drink, be in bed by 10pm and do that all over again on Sunday 

Favorite guilty pleasure meal.
Mac n' Cheese 

Name some of your go-to favorite workout brands.
Anything from Carbon38 and Sweaty Betty. I also love the message behind Outdoor Voices

What's your Starbucks order?
Grande almond milk latte with 1 pump of vanilla 

Favorite social media sites and TV shows.
Well + Good, Refinery29, Instagram. New Girl, House of Cards, The Office, Narcos, Homeland, Game of Thrones 

Favorite midnight snack.
Peanut Butter Perfect Bar 

What made you fall in love with exercise?
I grew up dancing, but funny enough, wasn't always in love with working out. Dance made sense to me and I never looked at it as fitness. When I started working out I didn't get it. "Why do I have to do so many lunges?!?!" But then I found Pilates. Pilates answered a lot of the "why" questions within each exercise. Taking everything that I learned from Pilates into my other workouts made me understand and appreciate other types of fitness. Pilates made me fall in love with exercise.