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About Sarah Kusch

  • Fitness Expert Armed with a Degree in Holistic Studies & NASM Certified Trainer with Over 20 Certifications
  • Mat Pilates, Planks Supersets, Barre Workouts, Bodyweight Exercises
  • Extremely Popular Mind & Body Connection and Wellness Lifestyle Coach
  • Top Expert in Fitness & Wellness in Los Angeles and Worldwide
  • Form Perfectionist, Body Sculpt, Flexibility & Muscle Toning Expert 
  • Self-Care & Clean Eating Advocate and Devoted Mom
  • Famous for Online Workouts: Tank Top Arms and Rock The Plank

Workout With Me


Sarah's Classes

BodyselfieTV home workouts | Sarah Kusch's Lower Body 1
Lower Body 1
13 min
BodyselfieTV | Sarah Kusch's total body workout routines at home
Total Body
17 min
BodyselfieTV plank exercises| Sarah Kusch's Rock the Plank Workout Routine
Rock the Plank
11 min
BodyselfieTV home workouts | Sarah Kusch's Lower Body 2
Lower Body 2
10 min
BodyseflieTV online workout videos | Sarah Kusch's Tank Top Arms Workout
Tank Top Arms
11 min
BodyselfieTV ab workouts | Sarah Kusch's Standing Core Workout
Standing Core
12 min
BodyselfieTV | Sarah Kusch's mindful movements home workout
Mindful Movements
17 min
BodyselfieTV ab workouts at home | Sarah Kusch's Core Workout
12 min

Sarah's Playlist

BodyselfieTV ab workouts at home | Sarah Kusch's Core Workout
Video Play Arrow Image
3 videos
33 min

Fun Facts


What made you fall in love with exercise?
It's like a moving meditation for me. Movement is a gift. The way it makes me feel mentally, physically, and emotionally never lets me down. 

Favorite midnight snack?
Homemade popcorn popped on coconut oil with nutritional yeast sprinkled on top. 

Describe a Saturday or Sunday? What would be ideal?
Saturday I teach in the morning and do something fun with my daughter after. We order in Saturday nights and watch a movie. 

Favorite workout words?
Finish it!

What are some fitness items you cannot live without?
Cute clothes and sneakers! My Wireless Beats and My Fitness Pal food app. 

Favorite guilty pleasure meal?
How do I choose? Indian or Pizza! 

What's your Starbucks order?
Almond milk latte 

Favorite splurge items?
SideCar donuts in Santa Monica, massages, and facials.